An exclusive slicing system for a fully automatic content extraction

Technology once only for large corporations is is affordable for any business. Introducing the first desktop mail opener extractor on the market - IM-30 and IM-35! Processing mixed mail sizes and extracting the contents for immediate processing.

Incoming mail is very important in any business, however it can also be complex and time-consuming. Invoices, payments and correspondence arrive daily and can easily stack up. Automation of this process results in a substantial saving of time so that your mail can be distributed earlier. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and increases performance.

The fast, convenient and secure solution to open and extract your incoming mail



Speed: up to 2.400/hour for IM-30 and up to 2.000/hour for IM-35

Envelope Size

Height: 85 x 175 mm

Width: 140 x 260 mm

Max. Thickness: 4 mm

Weight: 50 - 200 gsm

Machine Dimensions

Length: 996mm / Width: 564mm / Height: 324mm

Weight: 66kg


Conveyor belt (max. 2)

Electro-mechanical emptiness detection with four sensors and alarm-sound, including stop counter (only for IM-35)