Neopost DS-150

Modular and Highly Productive Mail Inserter

Neopost DS-150
  • A secure and flexible solution for operational excellence
  • Fast, easy access to all parts of the system reduces stoppage to minimum.
  • Insert feeders easily handle documents up to 4mm in thickness, allowing you to process jobs for brochures and booklets.
  • Full modularity: from 1 to 9 feeders
  • Modular system assures that your equipment is cost-effective today and into the future
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The Neopost DS-150 enables you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces.

The system seamlessly adapts to accommodate a wide range of envelope sizes and address locations (top, middle and bottom). The DS-150 allows you to process a variety of mail items for direct-mail marketing campaigns, for invoicing, monthly statements and for virtually all of your company's mailing needs.




The Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter Video

Modular design ensures that your future needs and job requests will be fulfilled by simply adding the right module at the right time, as your company's requirements grow. The DS-150 can be easily upgraded with the latest reading technologies to ensure seamless automatic document recognition of your documents now and in the future, including the ability to group documents produced by different computer applications.

Send more for less cost

Main Features
  • Speed: up to 4,500 envelope./hour
  • Automatic Job set-up
  • Unlimited job memory
  • Folding capacity: up to 8 sheets (20 Ib)
  • Touch-programmable to automatically adjust system setup for unlimited jobs, substantially reducing job-change setup time
Optional Features
  • Neopoost Output Management Software (OMS) automates your output and mail management process
  • Able to read OMR, 1D barcode, 2D (DataMatrix)

Maximize your productivity

With a compact, ergonomic design that allows for greter operator efficiency and easy-to-use, the DS-150 delivers practical speed maximizing your productivity
The DS-150 is touch-programmable to automatically adjust system setup for unlimited jobs, substantially reducing your job-change setup time.

Full content control and security you can rely on

Each feeder on the DS-150 provides automatic calibration of any processed item. This document security control requires no manual setup and ensures that all documents have been correctly processed throughout the system.